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Six Dutch-spoken TV programmes nominated for the Kinderkast professional jury awards

Five exceptional youth films are screened during the evenings of CfP.

Cinekid's director joined the International jury of the Film Festival for Children and Youth

20 film and television projects-in-development for young audiences to pitch at CfP 2017

Cinekid, Mediawijzer.net and ECP are joining forces

The 4th edition welcomes sixteen writers from eight countries

The Danish animation film will open the 31st edition

Nienke Poelsma and Emma O’Hare immersed themselves in the Sheffield conference

Proud to welcome the founder of Family Affair Films to the board

Burny Bos Best Project Award to be handed out at Cinekid for Professionals

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A cooperation project led by Cinekid, Gaîté lyrique, KIKK and Woelab

Head of Film, Erik Tijman, visited Cinema in Sneakers festival as a juror. Read about his experiences

Each year a Cinekid delegation travels to Cannes, Head of Film, Erik Tijman, reports

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