If you are looking to attend just one event in 2013 to have your questions about trends and developments within the kids media sector answered, then make sure it’s The Cinekid Conference!

The date and programme of the Cinekid Conference will be announced within the upcoming months.



Cinekid Conference Programme 2012
In the morning the conference programme will feature the latest developments in the film, TV and cross-media sectors. In the afternoon session we will focus on Mobile Applications (the growing trend in product delivery to kids) either attached to existing productions or as a stand-alone project.

Film: French Animation Wave
Back in the earliest days of cinema, the first animated projected film originated from France. Over the past decade French animators have picked up the pace once more. In fact many, if not most, animated films produced in Europe over this period were made in a French studio and (co-) produced by France (and Belgium). Very recently several award-winning French animated films for children have dominated the festival circuit, such as Le Chat Du Rabbin, Couleur De Peau: Miel (English title: Approved for Adoption), Ernest et Célestine and Zarafa, many of which are showing at Cinekid Festival 2012. With acclaimed French animation directors and producers we will discuss the latest developments within the sector, the special 'French animation touch' and the secret behind France's success.

Watch as the world of children’s TV passes before your eyes. Sit back and relax and let Eurodata TV Worldwide update you on the newest children’s programmes worldwide with over 20 new clips as well as ratings analysis and trend reports.

Cross Media
Cross Media or Transmedia is always on the move. We have invited experience strategy producers, who have worked with Pottermore, BBC Worldwide’s Doctor Who, Channel 4 and Warner Brothers, to reveal several examples of best practice and to provide specific tools to improve your Cross Media strategy. In addition, focus will be placed upon understanding and implementing media design so that you can possess the tools and knowhow to empower children to design their own interactive experiences.

Mobile Applications
The Cinekid for Professionals special focus this year is on mobile media. As children from all age groups increasingly turn to apps it is essential that we further explore this new world of mobile applications. What are the design principles within mobile applications and what are differences in app use between different age-groups? Let experienced consultants provide you with tools on how you can actually make money out of your applications, what are the suitable platforms for content, and how to close these deals. Award winning app creators will inform you on the latest and most jaw-dropping apps on (or soon to be on) the market and share best practice on creation and strategy.



Brenda Bisner (US) is a brand strategist with over decade’s worth of success and massive Rolodex. She possesses the skills to grow any brand and / or business in today’s marketplace, with a deep understanding of how to navigate through the Digital space. Bisner has negotiated and produced over 30 app deals, was instrumental in launching four different kids’ websites, and has developed, produced, and sold live action, animated, and reality series across multiple genres around the world – all of which translates into global knowledge of both the traditional and digital landscape. She developed the first reality show for Nickelodeon, worked at boutique agency Branscome in New York handling Global sales and acquisitions of short films and features from all around the world. She worked as Vice President of Children’s Acquisitions for Digital, Home Entertainment and International Distribution at Porchlight Entertainment and later licensing VP at Cookie Jar closing key licensing deals for major brands and developing their Digital strategy.

Laurent Boileau (FR) worked for 10 years as chief cameraman and then as chief editor on numerous documentaries. In 1999, he became a director. His passion for the comic strip and the graphic arts brought him to realize several movies about graphic novels: Spirou une renaissance, Franquin Gaston et Cie, Les Chevaux de papier, La Pologne de Marzi. At the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, he developed an animation series for the Belgian television.

Approved for Adoptionis his first feature film. It mixes various animation techniques, real images and archive footage.


Monica Bremer (NL) studied Law and Film Studies at the University of Amsterdam and in Exeter, UK. She has been a lawyer since 1988. In 2003 she started her own firm together with Marcel de Zwaan. Monica Bremer advises companies and organisations (including museums) but also individual directors, writers, musicians and actors. Bremer is professor at the Master curriculum Art, Law and Public /Private Financing at the Faculty of Law of the University of Amsterdam.



James Deeley (UK) has been creating digital experiences for over 15 years for some of the world’s most ambitious brands. With a background in Design Marketing, James has a kaleidoscopic creative approach, which draws across the disciplines of Experience Design, Creative Strategy, Brand Marketing and Gonzo Design to create immersive digital propositions with magical touches and consumer delight time and time again.

As London Creative Director for Creative Agency TH_NK, James leads a team of Creative Strategists working across a variety of accounts.  Most recently, his focus has been across the Media & Entertainment sector working with clients such as BBC Worldwide (Doctor Who; Future Digital Strategy); Proposition Lead for J.K. Rowling’s Pottermore and is currently working with Channel 4 on a ground breaking transmedia experience for Utopia, a hard hitting conspiracy drama to be broadcast in 2013.

Carla Engelbrecht Fisher (US), is a game designer with a research obsession and the founder of No Crusts Interactive, a children’s game design firm that focuses on creating educational and developmentally appropriate interactive experiences. Having spent nearly fifteen years making children’s digital goods, she’s designed, produced, researched, and consulted on a wide variety of commercial and educational products, from Web to mobile to gaming consoles. Prior to starting No Crusts Interactive, she worked for Sesame Workshop, PBS KIDS, and Highlights for Children. Dr. Fisher speaks internationally about developing children’s games at industry and academic events and is the co-author of the Kidscreen blog Kids Got Game. She holds a doctorate in instructional technology from Teachers College, Columbia University, where she studied technology and its relationship with human cognition and development, particularly as it applies to children and games. Additionally, Dr. Fisher holds a master's degree in media studies from the New School University and has, on occasion, been known to twist balloon animals and hats.


Eric Goossens (BE) founded together with animation expert Anton Roebben the production company Walking The Dog, which produces creative animation films and series. Eric Goossens is also the vice chairman of, the association of Belgian animation producers.

Jan Willem Huisman (NL)
Jan Willem Huisman (1967) is founder of IJsfontein Interactive Media. Together with two student friends from the Interaction Design department of the HKU, school for the arts of Utrecht, Holland he founded IJsfontein in 1997. Jan Willem is now IJsfontein’s CEO. Their goal was to launch a company that uses the computer to develop people in a playful manner, specialized in the target group kids (soon broader audiences would be served). IJsfontein now has forty people working for the company, ranging from concept directors to marketeers and from designers to sales executives. The company develops games, websites & applications and interactive exhibits. As the years went by more awards and nominations followed along the way, both national (Spin Award, Cinekid New Media Award) as international (Prix Jeunesse, BAFTA and Japan Prize).

Johanna Karsenty (FR) is currently Kids Research Manager at Eurodata TV Worldwide where she is in charge of international children's television studies, notably the Kids TV Report. She graduated from the Business Administration Institute of Toulouse with a Masters in Marketing, specialising in new technologies. Eurodata TV Worldwide distributes programming and audience information, based on its partnership with the national institutes operating people meter systems throughout the world.



Klaas Kuitenbrouwer (NL) was educated as a historian, then developed as an artist and now works in the places where culture and technology intertwine. He is program manager at Virtueel Platform, the Dutch knowledge institute for e-culture. He makes programs and events around themes from interdisciplinary technological culture: hybrid developments (the fusion of digital and physical space), transmedial narrativity, new cultural economy. He also teaches at the Rietveld Academy and the Utrecht School of the Arts.

Michel Ocelot (FR) is a graphic designer, script writer and director of animated films. In a first part of his life he animated and directed author shorts and short serials. He was elected president of ASIFA (Association Internationale du Film d'Animation), a position he quit after 6 years, to devote himself to filmmaking. In 1998 he released the feature Kirikou and the Sorceress which was a marking success, changing the animation landscape in France. He went on making successful features, as Azur & Asmar, Tales of the Night and two more Kirikou films, the last one being distributed now, Kirikou and men and women. Michel Ocelot also teaches.

Davin Risk (CA) has designed and developed online media since every page was grey. Before joining zinc Roe, Davin served as the Creative Director at ChumCity Interactive and Art Director at Snap Media. He is also the co-founder of the creative studio Fluffco with his partner, Gayla Trail.
Projects with narrative, culture, and community at their core are what drive his interest in interactive media. Davin has contributed to an eclectic list of ventures: large-scale youth communities, art magazines, casual games, e-learning portals, Olympic mascots, video awards, non-profits, museum exhibits, book designs, apparel, TV stations, and more. He even won a contest for sculpting an iPod Shuffle out of banana, apple, and spaghetti.

Eric Rosenbaum (US) is a doctoral student in the Lifelong Kindergarten group at MIT Media Lab, where he creates new technologies at the intersection of music, improvisation, play and learning. He has a background in neuroscience, music, and education. His extremely innovative projects include the MaKey MaKey invention kit, the Singing Fingers app for finger painting with sound, the Glowdoodle web site for painting with light, MmmTsss software for improvising with looping sounds, and a Scratch-like language for creating interactive behaviours in the virtual world of Second Life.

Juliet Tzabar (UK) is Managing Director at Plug-in Media and has worked in digital media for over 12 years. In 2011, Juliet was also shortlisted for the Women in Technology Entrepreneur of the Year award. Following an early career in television as an Art Director she switched to digital in 2000.  Juliet specialises in delivering interactive projects with a broadcast tie-in and has produced games and websites for many well-loved children’s brands: Blue Peter, Bob the Builder and Teletubbies to name but a few. Juliet joined Plug-in Media in 2007 and has overseen the company’s growth and success, establishing it as one of the UK’s leading digital agencies.


Dutch new media artist Sander Veenhof (NL) studied computer science at the VU university in Amsterdam and graduated at the Instable Media department of the Rietveld Art Academy. He works at the cross section of these domains, combining his technical skills with the wish to innovate and explore the foreseeable future. Creating interactive storytelling projects for festivals such as Cinekid, IFFR , Lowlands and Oerol, Veenhof has become a specialist in 'augmented reality', the ultimate merger of digital and analogue environments, bringing the infinite possibilities of virtual reality to the world beyond the computer screen.



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