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The Future is Now!

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Wednesday 21 October 2015
09:30 – 18:00
Westergas Theatre, Amsterdam

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Note: During the conference we will stage a VR multi-play, please download the following app before the conference and make sure your smartphone is fully charged!
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The Future is Now! Professionals Conference 2015


Leading conference researchers, innovative A/V companies and emerging players within the children’s media industry provide us with insights and practical tools to adapt to the changing industry during this full day conference.


The children’s media industry is changing rapidly. We can’t predict the future, but we can analyse and act on all developments, and take a critical look at current trends. And most importantly we can get to know the audience - media savvy children that always seem to be one step ahead. 

Children are completely immersed in media. As we’ve seen over the past decade future trends become the new reality within a very short period of time. How to remain relevant, and how to prepare for change within finance, content and execution, is much debated. The speed at which children’s media consumption patterns are changing, and how the latest technological developments unfold on all levels, makes this a highly urgent and important topic for examination and debate during the Cinekid for Professionals Conference.

However, we also want to offer a sober assessment of all the latest developments in the field. Is VR going to be the basis of the new popular gaming console - or indeed of our future cinematic experience? Popular platforms such as YouTube and Netflix are constantly evolving, but which way are they heading? Is traditional linear TV really dying? What must national broadcasters do to remain relevant in the face of new and emerging global trends? What are the innovations that will impact current and future audiovisual works and how can we successfully embrace these?

Providing tools for the future now!

Professionals who don’t keep up with today’s developments, such as contemporary transmedia practices, will be lost in the face of tomorrow’s new developments. To strengthen the audiovisual industry it is essential therefore that we continually share knowledge and keep our sector professionals well informed and updated, and to encourage open-minded and realistic awareness of possibilities and demands. The latest developments require acute adjustments to the traditional methods of production and distribution on a creative, financial and executive level. The Professionals Conference will provide the ammunition to help professionals within the children’s media industry remain robust, well-informed and competitive.

Conference Topics & Timetable




Who are the media savvy children that always seem to be one step ahead? Know your audience! How do children use and consume media? What do millenials expect from content on different platforms?

Speaker: Gary Pope - Co-founder of Kids Industries: a consultancy with a scientific approach that works across multiple disciplines and industries with the intent of helping clients connect with children and families more effectively. Clients include Disney, Peppa Pig & iLearn ‘n’ Play, among many others


Modern girls are largely feeling empowered and happy with their lives, but what they see in media is not contributing to this. Brands can have a bigger role to play and can be more impactful, contributing to a positive development and growth of young female minds. Are we catering to our target audiences in de right way? Pete Maginn will share his ‘Little Miss Understood’ research finding and identify five strategies for engaging modern girls in the right way.

Speaker: Pete Maginn - Head of Research at the Pineapple Lounge: family and kids specialists who conduct robust quant and qual research globally



Still from Millie & Mr Fluff (all of the visual animation assets were created on iPads)

A panel of experts will discuss pitfalls and opportunities of storytelling on and across various platforms on a financing, content and marketing level.


  • Ida Brinck-Lund – Consultant for a.o. LEGO's Future Lab
  • Caitlin Burns – Business Strategist for a.o. Disney, Nickelodeon & Microsoft
  • Julien Fabre -  TV Sales & Licensing Manager at Ankama: an independent digital creation group focused on the entertainment industry. Ankama’s development is based on a transmedia strategy; it creates detailed narrative universes (for example, the Krosmoz) which are further enriched by their portrayal over various media.
  • Jason Tammemägi – Writing, editing & consulting for a.o. CBeebies & Cinenord. Creative Director at Mooshku: a children’s media company dedicated to bringing the best content-based products to young children. Our focus: fun, positive and enriching stories, activities and brands across multiple platforms.



Nico Franks, senior reporter at C21 Media, interviews Stacey Matthias, Founder Insight Strategy Group and Insight Kids


Speaker: Monique Ruinen - Feature Film Consultant at Netherlands Film Fund




Assessing the possibilities of VR and experience a 3D virtual world first hand. Is VR going to be the basis of the new popular gaming console - or indeed of our future cinematic experience? Which companies are developing VR experiences and devices? Is VR a passing trend or here to stay? Make sure that your smartphone is fully charged for this session!

Note: During this session we will stage a VR multi-play, please download the following app before the conference and make sure your smartphone is fully charged!
Download Unlock the World app for Android or iOS!


  • David Kleeman – SVP Global Trends at Dubit: strategy and research consultancy and digital creator.
  • Nicoletta Iacobacci (PhD) - Former Head of Strategy and Future Media at the European Broadcasting Union, curator of TEDxTransmedia 



Six short years ago the iPad didn’t exist. Yet today mobile devices are in every child’s backpack, each with a million channels. How is traditional broadcasting adjusting? Is traditional linear TV really dying? Mobile devices and new platforms are gaining popularity, but the TV hasn't disappeared from the living room as of yet. What must national broadcasters do to remain relevant in the face of new and emerging global trends? What are the innovations that will impact current and future audiovisual works and how can we successfully embrace these? European Broadcasters and other experts will discuss their policy and content decisions.

Confirmed speakers:

  • Christophe Erbes - International children media consultant for e.g. Orange, Ubisoft, EBU, MFG Baden-Württemberg and host of Global Kids Media Congress
  • Vicky Schroderus - Acquisition Executive for Finnish Broadcasting Company YLE
  • Nadine Bernard - Coordinator external productions Ketnet at VRT




Children's media consumption habbits have changed drastically. Children are watching less tv and spending more time consuming media via tablets and other mobile devices. YouTube is the most popular on-demand service and after YouTube is the most visited website amongst children between the ages of six and twelve. How should children's media professionals act on these developments?

#1: The future of entertainment is here now, let's do it!

Speaker: Robbie Douek - Managing director Europe at Maker Studios: Millennials are living a mobile, social, on-demand life. Maker is the global leader in short-form video reaching this diverse, tech-savvy group. As the largest content network on YouTube, Maker attracts more than 10 billion views every month with over 650 million subscribers.

#2: Scripted content on YouTube - How to and why?

Speaker: Adam Clarke - Minecraft artist and co-star in stampylonghead's new successful YouTube show WonderQuest


Imagining and dreaming about how technology can make the world a better place or you a better person. That's the central idea behind the 2015 MediaLab Theme: The Technological Imaginary. Cinekid wants to show how technology can inspire creativity, imagination and personal fulfillment, and thereby inspire dreams about what technology might bring. This last session of the conference will bring a piece of this world to you and make you leave inspired before we head off to the MediaLab to play and network during the tour and drinks.



Afterwards there will be drinks in the highly acclaimed MediaLab. This is your chance to explore and get acquainted with the latest developments in the digital and new media field at the curated 1200m2 digital playground. With a drink in your hand you can enjoy more than 40 installations, games and apps!

Confirmed Speakers

Warren Buckleitner (Moderator)

Warren Buckleitner is the founding editor of Children's Technology Review. He holds degrees in teaching, early childhood education, and educational psychology. He coordinates the Bologna Ragazzi Digital Prize in cooperation with the Bologna Children's Book Fair and is the founder of the Dust or Magic Institute and the Mediatech Foundation, a model non-profit community technology center based in a public library. His research specialty is the relationship between young children and technology. For ten years, he covered children’s technology for the New York Times.

Gary Pope

Gary is the co-founder of Kids Industries, a company that makes family brands stronger through insight, strategy and content. He is an advisor to The Children’s Media Conference, speaker at global conferences and writes many articles about the commercial environment of childhood. He is a children’s BAFTA Juror and the recipient of two IPA Special Awards for Strategy and Effectiveness. Recent projects include redeveloping JCC – Al Jazeera’s 7-12 Children’s Channel into the 360 Integrated and multi-platform proposition JeemTV, and the full development of Peppa Pig’s global digital presence including the creation of a Number 1 App Store app and the multi-award winning global


Pete Maginn

Pete has 14 years of research experience. Having started his career in Brand Development at Hauck Research International he quickly developed an interest and specialism in family research, drawing on his experiences as a nursery teacher, youth leader and kids football coach.

He headed up the Child and Youth team at Illuminas for 7 years overseeing a myriad of tactical and strategic, qualitative and quantitative projects for clients in the UK and internationally for the likes of Mattel, Fisher-Price, BBC and Fremantle Media.

Ida Brinck-Lund

Serial entrepreneur with a big heart, architect of disruptive and immersive experiences with aspirational values! Mostly across media and products - always tied in with digital - always looking at standing out. Focus on making “it” matter, branding that a (cross/trans)media, developing, rolling it out and processes around it all and how to finance the monster you are developing. History within Danish TV Channels and kids media, Disney Channel, own brand Art of Crime developing a multiplatform universe that ended in 10 countries called “Crimeville” from MMO, Tradingcards, TV Series to apps, boardgames, merchandise and connectivity within it. Left own company and has been consulting since while brewing on new stuff. Consultant at LEGO’s future Lab for their major Big Bang brands and at other companies about the future and how to get there.

Caitlin Burns

Caitlin Burns is a business consultant for media companies and transmedia producer. Currently serving as Vice Chair of the Producers’ Guild of America’s New Media Council, credits include: Pirates of the Caribbean, Disney Fairies, Tron Legacy and Disney Descendants, James Cameron’s Avatar, Halo for Microsoft, The Happiness Factory for Coca-Cola, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles for Nickelodeon, Transformers for Hasbro. Other Clients include Sony, Showtime, Innpulsa (Colombia), Ubisoft, Diageo, FEMSA, Wieden+Kennedy, Reebok, Stratasys and UNICEF. Follow Her on Twitter: @Caitlin_Burns

Julien Fabre

Julie Fabre has been  working for Ankama since 2009. Fabre is in charge of TV sales and Licensing for Ankama transmedia IPs (Dofus, Wakfu, Abraca). He also leads Ankama Editions publishing foreign rights (Mutafukaz, Freaks Squeel, etc.).


Creative Director of Mooshku, Jason Tammemägi works across all areas of children's content creation and production including development, writing, script editing, animation and design. Jason has written over 100 TV episodes, directed over 200 and led 300 including his own creations, FLUFFY GARDENS and PLANET COSMO. At Mooshku, Jason is creating exciting new IP while helping companies improve their own. Mooshku's recent development, MILLIE & MR FLUFF, has become noteworthy for having its visual assets produced entirely on iPads.

David Kleeman

Strategist, analyst, author, speaker — David Kleeman helps the children’s media industry develop sustainable, kid-friendly practices. He is SVP of Global Trends for Dubit, a strategy and research consultancy and digital creator. For 25 years, Kleeman ran the American Center for Children and Media, a creative professional development center. He is PRIX JEUNESSE advisory board chair, and on boards of the National Association for Media Literacy Education and Television Academy. David seeks best practices worldwide; he has spoken on six continents.

Christophe Erbes

Since 2006, Christophe Erbes is an international children media consultant, e.g. for Orange, Ubisoft, EBU, MFG Baden-Württemberg, and host of many festivals and conferences like MIP/MIPCOM, Annecy, ITFS, Cartoon and GKMC. Also he’s member of the board of the German Kids Films support association. Under the pseudonym Theo de Marcousin, Christophe is a published Children’s books author, a script writer and a freelance project developer. In the past Erbes worked for Canal+ International, S-RTL/Disney in Cologne as Head of Programs and NICKELODEON Germany as Head of Programs and Deputy Managing Director. Also Erbes was Managing Director at Fox Kids / Jetix in Madrid, London and Munich.

Vicky Schroderus

Vicky Schroderus, who joined YLE Finnish Broadcasting Company in 1997, is currently working as Acquisition Executive for YLE Television. When measured by ratings and audience satisfaction, YLE TV2 is the leading channel for children’s programming in Finland. It broadcasts over a thousand hours of children’s programming annually for a two- to twelve-year-old audience. Vicky is responsible for acquiring over 60% of this volume.

Robbie Douek

Robbie joined Maker in April 2015 as their Managing Director, EMEA. Based in Paris he oversees all business operations outside of the UK for Maker International. Maker is the Global leader in short-form video, with 55,000 independent creator partners from more than 100 countries.

Before joining Maker, Robbie worked at Google based in Paris and before that London, where he occupied three different positions. Head of Branding & YouTube Solutions across, South & Eastern Europe, Middle East and Africa, Head of Mobile, SEEMEA and Head of Mobile France, during his 4.5 year tenure.

Robbie joined Google in July 2010 through Google’s acquisition of AdMob where he was in charge of Sales for AdMob in Southern Europe. From 2007-2009, he headed Digital Sales for euronews, piloting their online strategy throughout Europe. Robbie is a graduate of French and Politics from Leeds University.

Adam Clarke

Adam Clarke uses Minecraft, games, traditional art and technology to inspire and entertain, working globally with institutions, museums, schools and companies. He produces an online YouTube Channel “Everyday Minecraft” and co stars in stampylonghead's new Minecraft show WonderQuest as Wizard Keen. His current project, Tateworlds, is a series of playable Minecraft maps where the player can explore and interact with famous artworks. He has recently worked with David Best and Artichoke on Templecraft in Derry-LondonDerry.

“Lots of people enjoy labels and call me a technologist or digital artist - but really I am just very curious and I enjoy pressing the wrong buttons and making thing up as I go along.”

Nico Franks

Nico Franks is a senior reporter at C21Media, a leading publication covering the international content business, including television, video-on-demand, mobile and more. He oversees editorial output of C21Kids both online and in print, providing a comprehensive source of industry news and views for channel executives, producers and distributors working in children's media.


Imar de Vries

Imar de Vries studied New Media and Digital Culture at the University of Utrecht, writing his thesis on the communicative affordances of virtual 3D worlds and mobile telephony. He obtained his PhD in 2008 with a media-archaeological study into communicative desires, which has since been published as Tantalisingly Close at Amsterdam University Press. He is currently Assistant Professor at the Department of Media and Culture Studies, where he studies innovation discourses of wireless technologies, social media, and augmented reality.


Theo Watson

Theo Watson is an artist, designer and experimenter whose work is born out of the curiosity and excitement of designing experiences that come alive and invite people to play. He is a co-founder of Design I/O, a creative studio specializing in interactive installations and is also co-founder of the openFrameworks project, a cross-platform, open-source toolkit for creative coding in C++.  In 2010, he was awarded Prix Ars Electronia's Golden Nica in Interactive Art. 

Emily Gobeille

Emily Gobeille is an artist and award-winning designer who specializes in merging technology and design to create rich immersive design experiences. Her unbound energy and affinity for telling stories lends to her playful approach to projects. She's a co-founder of Design I/O, a creative studio specializing in the design and development of cutting edge, immersive, interactive installations.

Owen Harris

Owen Harris is a Game Designer, Lecturer and lover of all things playful. When not working on DEEP, he is the studio head of the award winning bitSmith Games and is the course head of DIT's new BA in Game Design. He has spoken all over Ireland and Europe on the topics of game design, community building and production. He sits on Imirt Steering Board, an organisation set up to improve the quality and visibility of Irish games, and runs the local community game design event dubLUDO. His mission is to bring about an increased awareness of the value of playfulness in everyday life.

Paulien Dressscher

Paulien Dresscher is Head of New Media at Cinekid and curator of the Cinekid MediaLab. Also she’s advisor at the Creative Industries Fund NL, the Mondriaan Fund and the Dutch Foundation of Literature. Paulien Dresscher holds a Bachelor degree of Media and Fine Arts from Minerva Academy in Groningen, as well as both Masters in New Media and Research Masters in Media Studies from the University of Amsterdam.

Nicoletta Iacobacci

Nicoletta Iacobacci was a journalist covering US and Central America and got a Master’s degree at the New York Institute of Technology (Computer graphics) focusing on the convergence between Radio/TV and digital properties. Managed several R&D labs while teaching Interactive storytelling and digital media. Head of Strategy and Future Media at the European Broadcasting Union until December 2014, she’s the Swiss ambassador of Singularity University, she curates TEDxTransmedia and got a PhD in August 2015 focusing on Ethics and exponentially growing technologies.

Monique Ruinen

Monique Ruinen has 20 years experience in the movie - and television industry and has specialized knowledge of the development of youth - and family productions. She worked as a producer and purchaser of youth programs at the AVRO and script editor at VARA and AVRO and different production companies. She was six years responsible for the television programming of the Cinekid festival and project manager of the five-day programme for the Cinekid international media professionals. She advised both the Film Fund (youth) and the Media Fund (youth and drama). Since 2013 Monique works as Film commissioner at the Dutch Film Fund.

Stacey Matthias

Stacey is a founder of Insight Strategy Group and Insight Kids. Her leadership is grounded in a deep commitment to providing clients with "truth, possibility, and inspiration" gained from robust research techniques and thought-provoking strategic insights.

Stacey is a child development expert who has dedicated her career to helping clients create inspiring experiences for kids and families around the world.  Through her work, she aims to help kids do the work of growing up while having loads of fun along the way. Her youth expertise and creative vision is well known in the industry; her approach is energetic, honest, and thorough. Stacey is particularly fascinated with how and why kids consume content across various platforms, and she has a passion for helping clients develop content that meets kids' timeless developmental needs while tapping into new, timely ones.

Her clients include: DreamWorks, Nickelodeon, Hasbro, Sprout, Mattel, Ubisoft, Universal Studios, MTV, BBC, NBCU, Paramount, Corus, Amazon, and Warner Bros. Stacey has also provided research and strategic consulting to grow key franchises including: SpongeBob SquarePants, Transformers, Madagascar, Dora the Explorer, My Little Pony, Octonauts, Olivia, South Park, Babar, Puss In Boots, Kung Fu Panda, and lots more fun stuff.

Nadine Bernard

Nadine Bernard is Coordinator of Flemish fiction and entertainment programs and dubbings at Ketnet, the dedicated children's channel of the public broadcaster VRT in Flemish speaking Belgium. She started her career at the theater department of Studio 100. With 8 years of experience in building children’s content, she joined Ketnet 4 years ago. Nadine does the follow-up of the new fiction and entertainment programs produced by Flemish production companies.