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Charlotte Bushell

Table 13: Take it slooow... (Round 1, 3 & 5)

Time to take it down a notch? Learn all about slow media.

Session topic - Case Study: CBBC Daydreams

Daydreams is a film that combines a collection of slow moving beautiful, calming images with stunning ambient music. Daydreams takes the time to focus on the finer details of the world, whilst helping you unwind and relax. Together with Exec. producer Rob Jenkinson, Charlotte will elaborate on the motivations and struggles of developing 'slow' content for pre-schoolers.  

About Charlotte Bushell

Charlotte Bushell is a Producer at BBC Children’s with over 10 years experience making children’s programmes and specialising in pre-school content. Charlotte has directed Bafta nominated Mr Bloom’s Nursery and the CBeebies ballet – The Three Little Pigs and recently Produced a first of it’s kind; Daydreams for CBeebies - pre-school slow TV.  Charlotte lives in Manchester, UK with her husband and her 2 little CBeebies viewers!