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Anton Damen

Table 12: Trust your inner critic (Round 1 & 3)

Brush up on your media literacy skills and join a workshop on film literacy or learn to be a digital art critic.

Session topic: workshop film literacy

Learn to watch film through a critic's eye. Anton will show clips from different children's films and games and show how seemingly ordinary stories are made exiting with different techniques. 

About Anton Damen

Anton Damen is a film journalist, game reviewer and interviewer. He studied Film at Nijmegen university where he worked at the box office of the local arthouse cinema. His first job as a film critic was at Veronica Magazine and he also worked for other film magazines such as Preview. Nowadays he is editor in chief of, the youth education platform of Eye film museum. He works as editor/interviewer for International Film Festival Rotterdam and the Netherlands Film Festival. For national newspaper AD he reviews video games and writes about technology.