Save the date: Film Literacy Seminar

23 October Cinekid, ECFA, EYE and FLICK will host the Film Literacy Seminar: Exploring Visual Culture.

The aim of the Film Literacy Seminar is to exchange and broaden perspectives on visual culture and the role of film within the wider cultural and educational debate. We will discuss best practices, and in hands-on sessions we will zoom in on the most important topics affecting the children's media sector. How can we work together to create a powerful film and media lobby? what are the do’s and don't’s for successful collaboration on a national and European level? And how do we get film into schools as part of the standard curriculum? These are some of the challenges we want to address.

Film offers a wealth of possibilities as a cultural subject: film is art, film is entertainment and film is part of our cultural heritage. And like the other arts, film can move, entertain and make us think. Film is also a very popular medium for discovering and understanding the world. Understanding the visual language of film has become an essential skill in our society - but understanding the way in which images are used and presented is also of fundamental importance. Increasingly, more and more organisations are united in seeking to bring this message across.

It will be an inspiring day of informal sessions organized within an international environment during which we seek to gain insight into how to place film education squarely within schools across all of Europe.

More details on the programme will be announced shortly. Tickets (€49,95) can be purchased on the Cinekid website from 28 August onwards. If you would like to attend the entire Cinekid for Professionals programme, you can request an accreditation through this link. Please choose the Combi 2 accreditation including tickets for the Industry Forum and the Film Literacy Seminar (€249,95).

The Film Literacy Seminar is part of the Cinekid for Professionals programme, which will run from Tuesday 23 October until Friday 26 October 2018. More information can be found here.