Join the Film Literacy Seminar: Exploring Visual Culture

Extended deadline for proposals: 1 August 2018

ECFA, FLICK, Cinekid and Eye have joined forces to welcome you at the Film Literacy Seminar on 23 October 2018 in Amsterdam. The event is held in the run-up to the Cinekid for Professionals opening drinks, and Cinekid’s Professionals programme on Wednesday 24 October.

Which opportunities are there for film education in Europe? Film offers a wealth of possibilities as a cultural subject: film is art, film is entertainment and film is part of our cultural heritage. And like the other arts, film can move, entertain and make us think. Film is also a very popular medium for discovering and understanding the world. Before children can read and write, they already explore the world through moving images on a variety of screens. Understanding the visual language of film has become an essential skill in our society, but also understanding the way in which images are used and presented is key.

Save the date!
Increasingly more organisations are united and working together to bring across this message. During the Film Literacy Seminar, we will exchange knowledge between international film- and media education lobbyists and practitioners to see how we can create a powerful, European lobby for film and media education in formal education.

During the seminar, participants can take their pick from a variety of lectures. The programme will tackle topics such as how to address policy makers with regards to the place of film and media in the education-, art- and culture- debate; the do’s and don’ts of (European) educational collaborations; and sharing best practices and challenges for the field of global, European and national film- and media education.

Save the date! Tuesday 23 October 2018

Call for proposals
We call upon all of our members to share their ideas for useful contributions. Please send your presentation proposal to Deadline: 1 August 2018.

ECFA, Cinekid Festival and EYE Filmmuseum are looking forward to meeting you in Amsterdam.