Get acquainted with Enter the Writers

Enter the Writers is an initiative of Cinekid, and was set up in collaboration with Domein voor Kunstkritiek. The editorial board - a group of young writers and coaches with multidisciplinary backgrounds - has been invited to investigate the works commissioned by the MediaLab 2016. The board will explore other fields that focus on how new technologies initiate new forms of storytelling, whilst investigating the impact these technologies have on our society. The blogs will be gathered together on this page.
Cinekid will use the theme, Storytelling: Machines between hardware and software to understand how new technologies create new forms of storytelling, and what impact these technologies have on our society. The ways we currently tell, and experience stories is subject to seismic, and seemingly constant change. The film and television industries have only just recovered from the hypes round transmedia and cross-media; where the role of the screen - as an online or interactive presence - was paramount. The advance of Virtual Reality brings with it new challenges regarding vocabulary and content. And identifying what constitutes high quality in art or content is becoming increasingly complicated; even in the world of games and apps.
In addition the “Internet of Things” plays an increasingly important role in our daily lives. Everyday objects and appliances are now “online”, and interactive with each other. Objects now communicate both with each other and with us, and seem to possess a degree of emotional autonomy. These developments provide new creative tools and stories to work with, and the Enter the Writers wants to uncover new narratives and grammatical forms for the coming era.
The Team
Between March and June 2016, the editors of Enter the Writers will post blogs about their findings. The editorial staff is led by Anna van Leeuwen. The editors are: Marijn van der Jagt, Kaweh Modiri, Dirk Vis, Marloeke van der Vlugt and Marian Cousijn.