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Cinekid is a children’s festival for film, television and digital culture. Digital culture is our contemporary ever-changing media society encompassing new media, digital storytelling and new cinematic tools and technologies. Cinekid discusses this new territory of storytelling as a dialogue between narrative, more traditional cinematic approaches, the changing platforms of broadcasting and the personal use of digital media. To discuss digital culture as part of our media age, our visual culture, it demands we treat this digital age as a new anthropological time where we do not just celebrate the best and brightest but appreciate the way digital media have changed the way we see the world altogether.
Part of Cinekid’s digital culture programming is the MediaLab, Europe’s largest digital media playground that features a wide array of interactive media art and design projects. The MediaLab presents artworks for the digital natives and critical experiments about our visual culture.
Other activities of the digital culture department include Cinekid AppLab, our media awards programme for young artists and designers, and our national and international Cinekid projects. 
Why digital culture?
Cinekid’s digital culture programme connects new technologies to the exciting and sometimes confusing digital media age we live in. Does the digital age leave any space for new forms of beauty? Does digital identity mean we are one step away from becoming our own avatar? Do digital media change the way we see the world? Or is it all just a flashy bombardment? Cinekid’s MediaLab forms the centre of the festival by creating a dialogue between digital media, film and TV. In the MediaLab the cinematic power of storytelling and visual culture reflect upon innovation in a poetic setting. 
Yes, the MediaLab is a totally immersive learning experience, but it should also be a lab for thinking about what the digital world looks and feels like today and in the future. No matter how much you (already) know about how it works or functions. Even our youngest visitors are Minecraft geniuses compared to grownups. Many are yet to start a social media life, but are growing up on YouTube. And they will likely never experience a world that is not as digital as todays, growing up amidst the highs and lows of digital media, all to be experienced, considered, understood as a primary part of everyday life. Children today will make sense of it on their own accord, but Cinekid would like to take a part in sharing the introspective qualities our digital culture can and should offer.
Cinekid’s MediaLab presents and commissions a wide variety of artworks by Dutch and international artists every year during the festival. In recent years the MediaLab has featured artworks and interactive installations from Zach Lieberman, Theodore Watson & Emily Gobeille, Kyle McDonald, Lieven van Velthoven, Adriaan de Jongh, Nick Verstand, Monobanda, Marshmallow Laser Feast, LavaLab and many others. Cinekid MediaLab artists can be young gems on the digital arts scene, internationally renowned veterans in the gaming industry and top students of international art colleges. Cinekid welcomes all (young and revered) digital artists and designers to propose their projects as part of the Cinekid programme and the festival’s MediaLab and launches yearly Open Calls to artists, educational institutes and cultural partners, internationally.
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