Cinekid goes BAM NYC

Cinekid is invited by BAM to present the Cinekid Storymaker at the 2018 edition of Teknopolis., BAM's second tech takeover featuring four floors of immersive stories, digital music-making, liquid visuals, and so many more ways to combine code and creativity, art and technology.
In Storymaker, visitors become both director and actors in their own interactive film. Individuals or pairs of participants can select three scenes from a series of Minecraft-inspired animations to create their unique story. Participants are provided key scene objectives and props to complete each part of the story (against a green screen), but have plenty of room to improvise. Once filming is complete participants will get to immediately enjoy the premiere of their new film.
Storymaker was created in close cooperation with 25 final-year students at AKV | St. Joost Academy in the Netherlands. Storymaker’s system was originally called Leap in the Deep and won the Cinekid New Media Audience Award in 2012.
International collaboration 
For Cinekid the collaboration with BAM is an excellent example of the festival’s wish to explore and increase international activities and relations. Festival Director Floor van Spaendonck: ‘As an international festival we yearly bring a selection of high quality media from all over the world for children to the Netherlands. In return I’m honored that Cinekid is increasingly bringing Dutch media abroad as well. We are very excited to be present at BAM Teknopolis festival, as we both aim for a high quality media approach.’ 
Teknopolis takes place from 24 February till 11 March at the Fisher Lower Lobby of the Brooklyn Academy of Music. More information can be found online through the website of BAM