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Throughout the year, Cinekid is campaigning for the media education of children with many projects, with over 300 workshops annually, led by professional workshop trainers, with movie camps in the summer time, with Cinekid FilmGame and the Cinekid AppLab. 

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Cinekid offers different educational workshops on location (at schools, cinema’s, a library, etc.) based on media. Children will visit these workshops and installations, often under the guidance of our specially trained workshop leaders, to work on projects themselves. They learn about different types of media (film, TV and games), deal with different techniques and also learn how to communicate in media in a creative way.

There are workshops, installations and films for different ages. For example, the following workshops are available:

Brikki Workshop
For young children we have a workshop with Brikki the Lion. Children are challenged to be creative with the story they imagine. They can create a stop-motion message with the puzzle pieces they get in the Brikki the Lion story. This will be filmed after each step so you can see your own stop-motion adventure afterwards as a memory. Like Brikki on Twitter and Facebook to follow his adventures.

Virtual Reality Workshop
For slightly older children, we have a great workshop: Create your own Virtual Reality Glasses! A little bit of sawing, drilling, add some glitter and glamour, borrow the smartphone of your father or mother, download a free app and there you go, you're in the coolest roller coaster of the world, on your couch at home. Find out more or visit a workshop? Please feel free to contact us at: or call 020 531 78 91

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Media Route

Media education at schools often consists of isolated activities, but the greatest effect is achieved with an educational programme. The Cinekid MediaRoute is a complete package aimed at all school children. The activities gradually complement each other year after year, which guarantees an ongoing development of knowledge and skills of the pupils.

The MediaRoute was developed in cooperation with various partners including Hyves (the former Dutch social network), De Zeewse Bibliotheek (a cultural institution in the Dutch province of Zeeland), Zapp Echt Gebeurd (a digital platform with true stories about children) and Dutch public broadcaster VPRO.

During the CineKid MediaRoute:

  • You start in kindergarten and learn a little more every year
  • You work with different kinds of media
  • You learn the possibilities of audiovisual media in particular
  • You learn about safety, information skills and social responsibility
  • You experience media, make media, give your opinion and learn about media


Why media education?
Today’s children are growing up in a medialised society. As in the past they watch television programmes and movies, but not just on television. They now use other platforms such as their computer, tablet or mobile phone. In addition children play games, they have a profile on a social media website and some of them even make media productions through which they present themselves online or not.

Children have a learning by doing attitude, but good guidance in this area is also important. With the Cinekid MediaRoute, children discover special media productions and get to know different media techniques. They learn to look at and interact with different types of media in an active and critical manner.

They begin to work proactively: they become a producer themselves
They work reactively: they learn to understand
They are creative: they learn to express themselves                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            


Cinekid films


Ondra suffers from asthma and is forced to throw away his favourite cuddly toy Kooky. Kooky ends up on a huge garbage dump, suddenly comes to life and runs away with fear into a mysterious forest. There Kooky meets the helpful forester Hergot, but also the nasty Anushka. Kooky experiences the most extraordinary adventures on his way home.

Also through a combination of puppetry and live action, KOOKY has become an original, really exciting family movie and at the same time a tribute to children’s fantasy. The film was directed by Academy Award winner Jan Sverák (KOLYA, DARK BLUE WORLD, EMPTIES).

Would you like to watch this special movie? The DVD of KOOKY will be available on the 3rd of July.

ZARAFA (6+) tells the story of Maki, a ten year old boy who escaped a slave trader, and Zarafa, the world’s first giraffe in France. Hassan, prince of the desert, is instructed to take Zarafa to Paris, as a gift for the French king. Maki goes after them. He does not want to say goodbye to his new friend, and he has promised to bring Zarafa back home. On their long journey from Africa to France, they undergo exciting adventures.

ZARAFA and KOOKY are releases resulting from the special cooperation between the Cinekid Foundation, ZAPP and EYE, which is supported by the Dutch Film Fund.  Purpose of this cooperation is to promote the release of foreign children’s films. Films which are distinguished by their quality, cinematography, narrative style and themes, but which are found not quite attractive enough to be released in theatres for commercial reasons.

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Kids & Docs

Kids & Docs is a workshop designed by Cinekid, IDFA (International Documentary Festival Amsterdam) and the Dutch Cultural Media Fund with the participation of Zapp (public service children’s television) and the public broadcasting corporations. The programme focuses on talent development of youth documentary makers.

A group of makers is supported for more than six months in developing a film plan for a 15 minute youth documentary. The starting point for the documentaries is the children’s environment. The makers are paired with the participating broadcasters. At the end of the track, the plans are assessed by a jury. The best plan is awarded the Media Fund Prize Kids & Docs to enable the making of the film. For the other plans, funding is sought with the regular sources. The realised youth documentaries are broadcast on Zapp.

In September, the participants of the next edition of the Kids & Docs workshop will be selected. This year the workshop is supervised by filmmaker Coco Schrijber.  About ten filmmakers developed a plan for a youth documentary in half a year. Advisors of the Media Fund will judge their work in the spring. Subsidised projects will be shown on television, at Cinekid and IDFA in the autumn 2016.

For further details or to sign up for the Kids & Docs project, please contact Cinekid.


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Play the Cinekid FilmGame now! It is an informative game for children aged six and above, which teaches you how to make a movie yourself whilst having fun. FilmGame combines creativity, technology and storytelling in a unique manner.

FilmGame is developed as cultural teaching aid for primary education, but it is also released for consumers.

By clicking on the image above you enter the game, where you can first try it out or buy an account (through ‘log in’).

You will find more background information on


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AppLab is a selection of apps judged and recommended by Cinekid, as an aid to find nice, creative, safe and high-quality apps for young children.

Thousands of apps of all types and sizes are launched every day. Parents and other educators want the best for children, but how do you find your way in this wealth? Cinekid has developed this app as a guideline to help you make the right choices.

AppLab is an app to search very precisely for each age in different categories or themes on the basis of suitability. Besides you can see short films of the apps and read reviews written by Cinekid.

Cinekid is committed to a well-balanced development of children. The apps included in AppLab are all linked to certain development areas of growing children. Eight categories in total have been determined, and the relation is clearly described in the review of the apps. This way you can be sure which qualities of a child are stimulated when you choose a certain app. The content of AppLab is not fixed. New apps selected by Cinekid are added every month.


The AppLab arose from research on behalf of Cinekid. App builders, critics and researchers from all over the world were interviewed, and specialist literature was studied on how children deal with apps. Based on theories in the developmental psychology it was examined which apps and which forms of play and interaction contribute to which development areas of a child and how.

In the research, particular attention was given to two areas: a theoretical framework to judge the apps sensibly, and a categorisation which offers practical tools for daily use of the app. This research is still in progress, as is the app itself. New research questions are being formulated and together with various partners the role apps can play in the lives of growing children will be investigated further.

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If you are interested in any of our products, please contact Cinekid through or 020 531 78 91, we will give you more information about the possibilities and prices.