About the festival

Cinekid Festival


Every autumn, Cinekid organises the Cinekid FilmTelevision and Digital Media Festival for children during the school holidays. The international festival celebrated its 30th anniversary in October 2016. The event in Amsterdam also extends throughout the country with events, screenings, workshops and master classes taking place in almost 40 cities in the Netherlands. Every year more than 65,000 children are given the opportunity to visit over 800 media productions – feature films, children’s documentaries, short films, animation films, television series and single productions, cross-media productions, interactive installations and workshops - selected by Cinekid.  

Cinekid takes place every year during the Dutch autumn break. Have a look at the festival programme of 2017.

Cinekid is part of the EFFE festival community, facilitated by the European Festivals Association, which consists of festivals that stand for artistic quality and have a significant impact on the local, national and international level.   

Cinekid for Professionals
This four-day industry event during the Cinekid Festival, bringt media professinoals from over 40 countries to the Netherlands and supports the media industry with the ScreeningClub, the Junior Co-production Market, seminars and expert conference and networking meetings.
For more information about Cinekid for Professionals, please click here.

Mission and Vision

The aim of the Cinekid Foundation is to promote the quality of visual culture for young children (3 -14 years). Cinekid wants to strengthen the position of youth towards the media through their active and creative participation.

The media has a direct influence on the emotional, social, creative and cognitive development of children. Focusing on the quality of media is focusing on the quality of life of our children. 


Digital Media

The MediaLab 
The Cinekid MediaLab connects new technologies to exciting ones and sometimes confuses the digital media age we live in. Does the digital age leave any space for new forms of beauty? Does digital identity mean we are one step away from becoming our own avatar? Does digital media change the way we see the world? Or is it all just a flashy bombardment? The MediaLab presents artworks for the digital natives and critical experiments about our visual storytelling culture, questioning how film and the cinematic narrative will evolve in the coming years.

We are now witness to a new generation growing up fixated on the screen and testing their digital grounds on their parents many devices, while simultaneously taking their first physical steps. With this in mind, Cinekid aimed to set a standard for quality, integrity and innovation in the app realm. And good intentions nowadays need platforms that inform, discuss, consider and praise quality of apps for children, our newest and perhaps greediest digital consumers. In 2015 Cinekid launched the App Lab: the app is a place for comparison and appraisal of what is new, what is relevant and specifically what is good in the world of apps for kids and youngsters.

Cinekid Media Awards
In 2017 Cinekid presented the Cinekid Media Awards for the first time. Awards for excellence in new media projects were already awarded in the previous editions of the festival, but Cinekid shook things up with new partners - Mediawijzer.net and ECP.

Kids and youngsters are bombarded with media and they will likely consume what they want. But how can we ensure that the top current media projects gets in on the game and gets the audience it deserves? At Cinekid we care about specific qualities: artistic quality, educational integrity, a healthy balance of entertainment and tactical quality, privacy and common sense in selling to kids, and yes, an innovative perspective.  We are looking for what can shape or revolt the media landscape for young audiences with simple digital bliss and smart ideas that will prove to be game changers.

To evaluate the latest media projects for our audience, and to celebrate, appreciate and award excellence, we now share our media award with our new partners. With the Cinekid Media Awards we want to invigorate the creative industries in their focus on our audience as a target group for sophisticated, artistically excellent and integrity driven media productions.

Golden Lion - Jury Award
The best of the best is presented at the Cinekid MediaLab. Interactive installations and apps, VR experiences and workshops. The possibilities of excellence in media productions are diverse as our jury will decide which project shines the brightest among the nominees for the Cinekid Golden Lion jury award. A €3.000 award contribution for future project development is awarded to the winner of the Cinekid Golden Lion jury award.

Golden Lion – Audience Award
Juries are fine but audiences know best what they loved at the Cinekid MediaLab. All presented projects are eligible for the audience award. What is your favourite media project of the MediaLab? We feel our audiences’ choice is just as important as the jury’s pick so we value the award fee accordingly. A € 3.000 award contribution for future project development goes to the winner of the Cinekid Golden Lion audience award.

Golden Guppy – Jury Award
The app industry is full of wonders and catastrophes. But there is excellence too. The Golden Guppy, for tiny beautiful media projects, apps, is a reward for the best app for kids of toddler age. This is a very specific domain for digital design that calls for specific attention to careful detail, tactile qualities in digital interaction and a specific attention to the integrities of digital nuance befitting the very young audience. The Golden Guppy is an award for Dutch based productions of excellence in artistic and tactile quality of digital media projects as apps, presented by Cinekid in collaboration with Mediawijzer.net.

Golden Humming Bird – Jury Award
Our young audience may be enthusiastic consumers of digital media, they are so much more. They deserve their own award, as they are consumers of digital content, but also choosers and curators of the content they like best, and especially creators of new content. The Golden Humming Bird is an award for the best and most exciting media project created by kids and youngsters themselves. It can be an app or website but also a YouTube channel, a website or app, a new vlog empire or a DIY talkshow. This award is for excellence but perhaps far more for initiatives to make the media world a world of young ideas and initiatives, and that is exactly what the Golden Humming Bird awards are about: great ideas in new media from the next generation of creators.

Take a look at our entry page for more information on submitting a project. Other questions? Please contact our Head of Digital Culture, Ward Janssen: w.janssen@cinekid.nl


Cinekid film programme
The film programming at Cinekid aims to present and stimulate high quality films for children and young people with ambitious programming. Cinekid does extensive research to present a diverse line-up consisting of films from as many different countries as possible. The films at Cinekid are not just screened for a young audience, but also presented in a media-literacy framework. Every year Cinekid welcomes many international film guests, in addition to the Dutch filmmakers and talent that are also present at the festival. Masterclasses and workshops are organized in connection with the films and together with Q&A’s they allow children to interact with the attending talent. School screenings are hosted at the beginning of the festival, accompanied by custom made educational material. Simultaneously with the screenings in Amsterdam, Cinekid on Location brings films, workshops and activities from the Cinekid Film Festival to around 35 locations all over the Netherlands.

Below you will find an overview of the structure for the Cinekid film programme.

Best Children’s Film Competition
Each year Cinekid presents its prestigious Best Children’s Film Competition showcasing the best new films for children and young people from all of the world. Cinekid takes great care in selecting films of all genres and including works for children in each of Cinekid’s age categories (from 3 until 14 years old). On average, 15 feature length films are invited for this competition. All films competing in the competition have a chance to be awarded by both the child audience as well as by a professional jury (a prize of  €10.000 to go to  the winning film’s production company). 

Best Dutch Family Film Competition
The Dutch film industry has a longstanding tradition of making family and children’s films. Dutch productions have had great success abroad with many works winning prizes at youth festivals around the globe. With the Best Dutch Family Film Competition, Cinekid aims to spotlight recent Dutch feature films for children and young people to the foreign market and empower them locally. Besides an Audience Award, a jury of film professionals awards a prize of €7.500 to the winning film’s production company.

European Short Animation Film Competition
The European Short Film Programme aims to acquaint Dutch children with stories and ways of storytelling from as many European countries as possible. Around 25 short films are presented in three different compilation programmes curated specifically for different age groups. The competition represents a wide range of animation styles from a broad spectrum of European countries. An international jury of children’s film experts and animation film professionals decide the winner of the Cinekid Lion Jury Award, which is awarded to the director of the winning film.

The Panorama strand contains new international short and feature length films that push the boundaries of creativity and offer a unique view on the world. The purpose of the section is to offer a platform for original filmmaking that crosses genres and works from new emerging talents.  

Special programmes
Each edition a number of special programmes are presented at the festival that focus on recent specific themes, filmmakers, or developments. Most of these events or retrospectives are unique to that edition, but there are a number of recurring programmes, which include:

Dutch Shorts
An annual celebration of Dutch short films for children and young audiences from the past year. The selection often includes graduation films and works from animation schools.

VR Cinema
A recent additional to the Cinekid line-up is our dedicated VR Cinema, where audiences can watch curated compilations of VR short films. All films included are narrative works especially suitable for children.

If you are interested in applying your film to our festival, please visit our entry page for an overview of our submission deadlines and regulations.

In case you have any further questions, please contact Erik Tijman, Head of Film, on film@cinekid.nl


Cinekid’s TV Programme
Every year Cinekid presents the best Dutch TV productions and leading international series. Cinekid is the location for children to meet their heroes live and have the opportunity to interact, ask questions, get acquainted and learn from them. We have numerous fiction series, documentaries and factual programmes premiering at our renowned programme. For each selection we organise a little something extra. Either a workshop given by their favourite actors or a toddler workshop with characters from the top pre-school series complete with green screen recording, and lots more!

Television Awards
Competition for best Dutch (or Flemish) television series (fiction and non-fiction). Cinekid’s mission is to stimulate the position and quality of Dutch television programmes for children and youth.

Jury Award: a jury of 5 national connoisseurs of Dutch youth television select 3 awards across all entries.
- Award Best Fiction Television Production
- Award Best Non-Fiction Television Production
- Golden Kinderkast (the best overall programme receives an award valued at €7.500,-)

Audience Award (Kinderkast Awards): school children from all over the country can vote for their favourite programme, from a shortlist composed by the jury.
- Best Audience Award 4 - 6 years
- Best Audience Award 6 - 12 years

For further information, please contact: Head of TV Department - Mirjam Marks: m.marks@cinekid.nl

Cinekid is part of the EFFE festival community, facilitated by the European Festivals Association, which consists of festivals that stand for artistic quality and have a significant impact on the local, national and international level.