Wanted: young online talent

Participate in our social media pitch for kids and earn a spot in our festival programme.

Cinekid is looking for fresh, new voices when it comes to social media. Because the time that only adults would make media has passed a long time ago. Each day more and more children and youngsters start a YouTube channel, open a account or get acquainted with editing. And let's face it: they know what's cool better than we do.

Are you not older than 14 and do you have a unique online style? Tell us all about it and earn your own slot in the festival programme of Cinekid 2018! Send an email to Deadline: 15 September. Language is not a problem.

Golden Hummingbird
Are you older than 14 but not yet 18? Then you can enter the competition for one of our coolest festival awards: the Golden Hummingbird. It's the prize for the best media project for and by teenagers upto 18 years. The project can be an app or a website, but also a YouTube channel, a new vlog empire, a DIY talk show or a code experiment. The Golden Hummingbird is awarded for excellence, but perhaps even more so for great ideas and initiatives devised by the next generation. Deadline is 15 September. Submit your project here (form is in Dutch). Questions? Please send an email to