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Photos Cinekid Festival 2018

Friday 26 October

On the last day of the Cinekid Festival children could compete in a skippy ball race of Adventure Time, there were castings and Maarten from TV show Idea Mash gave an exclusive masterclass! In the evening the best films and tv series were announced during our award ceremony.


Thursday 25 October

The second to last day, with a busy schedule. There was a zombie makeup workshop, famous faces of the app TikTok gave a live show, the big Mister Twister Quiz took place, and much more!


Cinekid Media Awards

On Wednesday 24 October the Media Awards took place, where the Golden Lions, Golden Guppy and Golden Humming Bird were rewarded to the winners. 

Fotograaf: Corinne de Korver

Tuesday 23 October


Monday 22 October

Sundag 21 October

The cast of Brugklas came to visit to give a masterclass and to show their new episodes. That and much more happened at our festival.


  • Melle Meivogel
  • Max Kneefel


These are the pictures that were taking inside the MediaLab during the Cinekid Festival.

Photografer: Max Kneefel

Wednesday 17 October

The grand opening of the Cinekid Festival 2018 with the new film Plaster.

Photografer: Corinne de Korver