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At the moment we don't have a job offer. We're always looking for volunteers!

Our interships provide you with the opportunity to get acquainted with different facets of the organization of Cinekid Festival and the projects we produce throughout the year. Check it out down below to see whether there is an internship that suits you!

Intern Graphic Design

Internship period: 1 August to 15 November 2019
Do you want to gain experience in designing the communications and publicity of a unique festival? Cinekid is looking for a creative, stress-resistant go-getter to support our in-house graphic designer from 1 August to mid-November.
Cinekid is a ten-day festival for film, television and new media for children between the ages of 3 and 14, which takes place in the cultural park Westergasfabriek in Amsterdam and more than 35 cities throughout the country. The event is held during the autumn holidays and draws some 65,000 visitors. The public programme consists of television and film screenings and the MediaLab, a digital playground of more than 1,200 m2 full of workshops and installations. There is also a professional programme for the international industry, which is coordinated by Cinekid for Professionals (CfP).
Job & task description
Cinekid works with a design agency to create the festival’s campaign image. You will work with Cinekid’s in-house graphic designer to develop all graphical output, which involves, among others:
  • The catalogue containing the entire festival programme and events;
  • The programme magazine;
  • The branding and signing on the festival grounds;
  • Layout of advertisements;
  • Images for social media;
  • Designing keycords, T-shirts for crew;
  • Designing merchandise;
  • Designing presentations;
  • Online promotion banners;
  • Web design.
Your profile
Cinekid is looking for a cheerful character who can work independently and has plenty of ideas on how to further improve our festival’s look. Someone with a proactive attitude and a check-and-double-check mentality, who doesn’t get stressed when the workload stacks up as the festival approaches. A festival is a dynamic organisation. This means that new ideas are constantly creating new tasks and changing priorities. It is important that you consider this an exciting challenge.
Cinekid’s ideal candidate also:
  • has an affinity with the target group (children aged 3-14);
  • has HBO (university of applied sciences) level of education;
  • is available to work an average of four days per week in the period of August – November 20198;
  • is proficient in Dutch and English, both orally and written;
  • is stress-resistant and not afraid to take responsibility.
What Cinekid offers
A top-level internship in a dynamic environment where people work hard in a broad, young team with much room for personal initiative. An internship at Cinekid offers new experiences and is a good investment for your network in the cultural (festival) world. Interns at Cinekid are treated as full members of the organisation. You work towards the festival together.
The internship pay is € 250 per month at 1.0 FTE on a basis of 40 hours per week. 
Internship period: August – mid-November at an average of 4 days per week (0.8 FTE). Holidays (maximum 2 weeks) can be taken in August or September, in consultation.
If you would like to apply, please send your CV and motivation to the Head of Marketing and Communication Sandra van Beers, at s.vanbeers@cinekid.nl

Intern Cinekid for Professionals

Period: August 2019 – January 2020
Cinekid for Professionals is looking for an eager intern or someone who would like to gain work experience in a highly inspiring environment starting mid- or late August 2019.
Cinekid is a ten-day festival in the area of Film, Television and New Media for children aged 3-14 held during the autumn holiday in Westergasfabriek cultural park in Amsterdam and 35 other cities throughout the country, drawing some 65,000 visitors. The public programme consists of film and TV screenings and the 1200 m2 MediaLab full of media workshops and installations. There is also a professional programme for the international industry, which is coordinated by Cinekid for Professionals. This four-day event takes place during the second half of the Cinekid festival, and is the ultimate meeting place for professionals from the international children’s media industry. It draws a great many visitors from around the world, such as producers, directors, sales agents, distributors, film and TV purchasers, journalists, academics, (game) designers and so forth. The event allows them to establish contact with each other, do business and purchase the most recent productions. In addition, Cinekid for Professionals also organises an inspiring conference and seminar programme with the latest topics in the area of children’s media.
We offer
An interesting, international environment and an opportunity to become acquainted with the international (children’s) media industry. Cinekid is the largest children’s media festival in the world, and Cinekid for Professionals is unique in Europe. We work in a professional manner in an informal organisation. Interns participate as full employees.
The internship offers the opportunity to become familiar with the various aspects of organising a festival and an international platform. The focus will be on research, especially in the first two months, as a result of which you become well-acquainted with the programme and Cinekid for Professionals’ audience.
Currently, Cinekid for Professionals consists of a department Head and a department coordinator. As the festival approaches, and during the festival itself, the department will gradually grow to a team of eight staff.
Job & task description
Period before and during  Cinekid festival 2019
·         General support for the team;
·         Organising travel and stay for international guests of Cinekid for Professionals;
·         Providing information and assisting international guests of Cinekid for Professionals before and during the event;
·         Acting as a host/hostess during Cinekid for Professionals, managing the guest desk;
·         Setting up a festival survey.
Period after Cinekid festival 2019
·         General support for the team;
·         Rolling out the festival survey and processing results;
·         Research for programme of Cinekid for Professionals 2020;
·         Research into all projects that have been presented during Cinekid for Professionals in recent years;
·         Maintaining website and social media.
The advantages for you
·         You gain insight into the latest trends in the (children’s) media industry;
·         A broad network and personal contact with staff of large and small businesses in the international children’s media industry;
·         You gain insight into the management of (large) budgets;
·         You learn to communicate with business partners;
·         You gain insight into what organising a media festival involves;
·         You are given the opportunity to be personally responsible for the performance of various tasks.
Your profile
·         You are studying at a university or university of applied sciences or have just completed your studies there; preferably in the area of film or media;
·         You have a strong command of English, both orally and written;
·         You work conscientiously;
·         You have a friendly, customer-oriented and social work attitude;
·         You are stress-resistant;
·         You are good at staying on top of things;
·         You have a proactive work attitude;
·         You have an affinity with the international (children’s) media industry.
Your availability
August in consultation
September and October, 5 days per week
November 2019 - January 2020, 4 days per week
The internship pay is € 250 per month based on 1 FTE (40 hours p/w).
More information and/or application with motivation letter and CV mail to Nienke Poelsma, professionals@cinekid.nl